Monday, October 09, 2006

I just havent been in the mood to blog lately, and also there's really not been much going on in my life to blog about. I'm not complaining though. Having something to blog about doesnt always mean nothing good is happening. Just the abscence of bad and problems is good, ....just not very interesting to write about. But then again, what we call 'bad' may really be good. Good for us, if we learn and grow from it, even though it doesnt feel good to go thru. Anyway.......

I went to Tyler this past weekend to visit my family and see about my mother. She hasnt been feeling very well. She's having to take chemotherapy and that can be so miserable. My heart goes out to her. I enjoyed my visit though, even though it was a short visit. I saw most of my family and enjoyed visiting with them. Here's a picture of me and Gendy, my younger sister.

I spent Saturday afternoon helping my older sister paint the living room of the house her and hubby have bought and will be moving into soon. She did a great job of picking out colors, by the way. It looks very nice. While we were inside painting, my 80 year old daddy was out back cutting down a tree. At one point, I heard Mary Ellen let out a yell from the kitchen. She was looking out the window and saw our Daddy high up in the tree cutting limbs with a chain saw. Eeeiiii! That was scarey!

Here's a picture of Mary Ellen & John outside their house:

I got home late Sunday night. Boy, that's a long drive.

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