Thursday, October 26, 2006

I have been thinking for a while about taking tennis lessons. We live just next door to the Amarillo Tennis Center and I saw where they offered Women's DROP-IN beginning tennis lessons on Tuesday and Thursday nights for $5. Hey, you can't beat that, so last Thursday night I went. Well, I was the only person there, so I got a private lesson. Wow. That was cool. I really enjoyed it (even though I was sore all over for a few days.) LOL. I got ready and went back again tonight. There was only one other lady there. We waited for the instructor to finish with a group of kids before us. When it was time for our lesson, the instructor came over and began to tell us how he wouldn't give us a lesson unless there was a minimum of four people there. He said he had been playing tennis for 40 years and just couldn't give lessons to one or two people at $5.00 each, like he did for me the week before. Well heck, I only went because THEY advertised $5 drop-in lessons. I didn't ask the guy with 40 years experience to give me a private or semi-private lesson. And I only live next door, but the other lady had driven from Canyon, 15 or 20 miles away. I think the better thing to do would have been to go ahead and give the lesson tonight, explaining that they couldn't do it in the future, and then either stop advertising or specify that there must be at least four people there for the lesson. I'm wondering how people that don't even know each other are supposed to know if three other people are planning to attend anyway. --Drive over there each Tuesday and Thursday just hoping three others show up, and turn around and go home if they don't?? That is just goofy. Why not make people sign up for a set number of weeks or something, and forget the drop-in thing altogether. I don't know, but I think that's the end of my tennis lessons for now. Maybe I'll try again next summer. It was pretty chilly in there tonight anyway.

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Jocelyne said...

I completely agree with what you say and I think that you should write an email or letter to the tennis place telling them this.