Sunday, April 16, 2006

Volleyball went good on Friday. About 12 kids were there and they had fun, I think. Mason said he did anyway.

We are going to Bo's sister's house today for lunch. It looks like it will be a nice day. Yesterday the wind was blowing so badly, you really couldn't go outside, but the forecast says it will die down today. Ah, spring in the panhandle of Texas .... wind, wind, wind!

Hope you all have a great day today!


Eileen~ said...

Looks like so far your prediction is correct. Not a breath of wind here. I wanted to go work outside in the yard yesterday so much but the dirt was blowing so bad that it felt like it almost covered me in fine dust every time I went out.

I had great comfort and didn't even fret as I know the One who controls the wind, amen?

A blessed Easter Sunday to you.

Lodykaja said...

I'm glad that the volleyball went well. I know you really wanted it to. I hope you had a wonderful day today. We did! We went to church this morning, then had some friends and Ronnie, Jennifer, Kaelyn, Jeremy, Rebekah, Dylan & Jacob over for lunch. We had a nice relaxing day. I am blessed!