Saturday, April 01, 2006

Today Bo & I got up and took a four mile walk around the park next door. I really like living next door to the park. It was a nice walk. Afterward Bo wanted to go to the museum in Canyon, so we called up Corbin and asked him to join us. We all went and had a great time there.

Upon leaving the museum, we ran by Subway and grabbed some sandwiches, and headed out to Palo Duro Canyon. We sat on the tailgate of Bo's truck and had our lunch.

Then we began a walk out to the Lighthouse. It is six miles to and from, so we wondered if Corbin would be able to make it the whole way. He complained a little, but over all, he did great.
OK..... Bo & Mason did have to give him rides occasionally, but mostly he did walk.

It was really a nice walk and we finally reached the lighthouse. There are a lot of steps to climb to get up to it and we had to stop and rest quite often, but we did make it. Mason & Corbin went on ahead and got there first. If you look really hard you will see them in this picture:

We goofed around on the top for a while and took some more pictures

Finally we started our trek back to the truck. Mason decided he would go over a BIG hill instead of going around it, so off he went. Bo, Corbin & I kept on walking. The more we walked, the more worried Bo became about him. He had thought the other side of the big hill came out right by our trail, but decided that he was wrong. It didn't and Mason would probably get lost. So Bo started up a hill we were beside at that time to try and flag Mason down. Corbin & I went on down the trail. We stopped to wait at a resting spot and were there for about an hour. I was beginning to get worried, when finally we saw them. They had gotten into quite a mess. Very steep hills and a long walk to get back to the trail. They got back all red-faced, tired and Bo was bleeding from scratches from all the tall weeds. Corbin & I were very happy to see them and I think they were us also. We rested a few more minutes and then headed on down the trail.

We got to the truck, headed back home, stopping at Taco Villa on the way, ate, all had baths and are now resting comfortably. It was really a fun day! I bet we all sleep good tonight.


Ronnie said...

Sounds like ya'll had an exciting day. Hope everybody is doing well.

Love Ya'll


Carol said...

Hey Ronnie,
Good to hear from you. We are all doing great!

Lodykaja said...

That sounds like quite an adventure and lots of fun. The pictures are really good. Glad you all made it back safely.