Thursday, April 13, 2006

Not alot going on this week, which is good! Mason went to a Homeschool Student Council Meeting on Monday at the Library. They are working on several activities coming up and Mason says he will go and help. Tomorrow we are having homeschool volleyball in the park next door. This is an activity that I organized to help Mason meet other homeschool kids here in Amarillo. I sent out an email to all members of the Amarillo Homeschool Assoc. I hope some kids show up, and they all have a good time, but we'll see tomorrow! I'm a little nervous about it since I organized it and I'm just a newcomer, so I don't really know how they do things here. --I'm sure it will be fine though.


Whitney said...

It will be great. Don't worry, what a neat thing to do for the Homeschool kids. I am just so excited that ya'll are working so hard.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Well todays Saturday...How'd it go?
Love ya,