Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Our New Fence

In the Spring of 2009, Bo put this swing up for me in our backyard. I really like swings because they remind of my Mother. She had one on her front porch for many years and I have lots of good memories sitting in it visiting with my family. But there was just one problem with this swing. When I sat in it, this is what I had to look at:

Now back when I was an East Texas girl, I MIGHT have been satified with that view since they have so many big, pretty trees and you can't see very far, but now that I've been a West Texas girl for 25 years, I like the wide, open spaces. So we ripped out the old fence and put up an ornamental iron fence. I like ornamental iron fences. They remind me of my Daddy. He used to build them. --So here's what it looks like now.

Here's a before of the outside of the fence.

And an after. (See my swing back there in the distance)

I'm really happy with it! Now I can watch the cars go by and the kids play. Yea!

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Mamaw 2 6 said...

I like that. It really looks good. ENJOY!