Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Fun times

I pick Corbin up from school two days a week and we just have a great time while he is here. A few weeks ago, on one of those afternoons, he drew a picture and colored it for a contest for 6-11 year olds at a local TV station. Every Friday morning at 6:45, a drawing winner gets to help the weatherman do the weather on TV. Corbin drew a really nice picture and put it in an envelope and we mailed it to the TV station. I really didn't think we would hear from them, but it was fun to do anyway. Well....... yesterday the TV station called and wanted Corbin to come help do the weather this Friday morning! Yea! We're so excited. Jenny is letting me take him to the TV station since I sent in his picture. (Isn't that sweet of her?) She and Cody are going to stay home and watch him on TV. I know he'll do a great job as a weatherman. ---And he gets a Kidcast Tshirt and McDonalds Happy Meal Giftcard. LOL. Big whoop on the Happy Meal Giftcard, but anyway..

The TV station will put a video of it on their website, so I will put a link to it on my blog on Friday. Hopefully this will be something Corbin will remember for a long time, (and me too). This is so fun!


Lodykajajo said...

Oh, that's sound so neat!! I look forward to hearing about it all. Please be sure and let me know where I can view the video. I will share it with my children and grandchildren. Congratulations Corbin!! You will make a great weatherman!!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome! That would be so much fun for a child! Wish we had something like that here, I enjoy substitute teaching for kids. They are so sweet and carefree about life. Congrats to Corbin! Hope he enjoys his Friday! hehe