Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We're All Moved In!

We're not all unpacked yet, but we're here. I got my internet and cable hooked up a few days early, and was glad about that, but was very unhappy with Suddenlink Cable Co. because they put up this ugly black cable all around my house. They couldn't run the cable thru the attic because of the vaulted ceilings and firewalls up there. (Funny, they said this house has never had cable or internet). Anyway, so they ran the cable all around the outside of the house. OK, I could live with that, but when I saw it all finished, I was not happy. We just had the house trim painted Antique White, and .....they ran ugly black cable over it.

Click on the pictures to make bigger and you can really see the cable.

So I called and complained to about 6 or 7 different people today, all told me I just had to live with it or paint it. I called one more time to cancel my service and got the nicest young girl who pulled some strings. Yea! On Monday, they are coming back out to take down the black cable and put up white cable. I have to pay $33 for the cable but I can live with that. I feel better now.

I have some after-pictures too. These are before we moved in. (You wouldn't want to see it right now, with boxes everywhere.) Here they are:

There isn't any glass in the shower yet. It had to be ordered and will be another week. We are using it though, just being careful not to splash too much. LOL.
And we have a stainless oven & microwave sitting in the garage waiting for Bo to install.

Well, that's it. It has been an experience and we've learned somethings, but overall everything went pretty smooth. Thanks for sharing the journey with us!


Lodykajajo said...

It looks really good!!! I know you are glad its done and you are moved in.

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Wow I'm impressed. It doesn't even look like the same house as when ya'll first started. You and Bo have good taste. Its very pretty. Congratulations on your move.
O and by the way, Whitney says she wants to come visit for a week or so...Are you up to it?

Carol said...

Thanks Mary Helen & Glender. We have worked hard.

And I would love for Whitney to come visit! Just let me know when she wants to come. I would love to have her.


eileen~ said...

Can't wait to see some pics with all the furniture and your smiling happy faces enjoying. Worth the wait?? :)

Carol said...

Hi Eileen, hopefully it won't be too long before I get all unpacked. So far we are enjoying our new house alot!