Saturday, March 13, 2010

God is so Good

I have heard this several times this week from several different people in several different situations. And I agree, God is certainly good.

Every time I have heard it, it is because something good is happening to that person. I just want to ask... Is God still good when something "bad" happens? It seems most people attribute the good that's happening to them to God, and the bad that happens to them to Satan. And of course 'good' is always relative. It is what WE perceive as good.

I believe the bible says that God is directing and has predestined EVERYTHING that happens. the good and the so-called bad. (How do we really know what is good or bad for us anyway?)

According to Romans 8:28, all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose, ALL THINGS!

If you are one of the called, one of the ones that love God (only because he causes you to love him), then every single thing that happens to you is good for you.

What a good and comforting thought!


Bocephus said...

That's like when someone has something positive happen in their lives and they want to give God a little credit they say it's a "God Thing". Most don't want to recognize that the tough trials are also God things. It is reassuring for the believer when we know that the one who loves us most, controls ALL THINGS and they are working for our good.

eileen~ said...

Amen Carol! I usually respond to the one who only says God is good when something good is happening by saying....God is always good. Hope it makes them think.

There is none good but Him!

Anonymous said...

I love your perspective on this Carol. I was just discussing this very subject with Troy, who tends to lean on the side of giving God glory when times are good. I may have him read this section of your blog. Hugs to you and Happy belated birthday to Mason. Nineteen!!! Wow! Glenda Cottle