Sunday, February 07, 2010

A Very Quiet Weekend

I'm actually ready to go to work tomorrow. This weekend has been so quiet. Bo went to Austin to see Jocelyne off to Africa, and is staying for a Cattle Feeders Meeting tomorrow and Tuesday. Jocelyne will be in Africa for three weeks with a heart surgical team doing surgeries on people that couldn't afford it without the surgery team donating their time and expenses. She was really excited and a little apprehensive. Can't wait to hear from her and hear all her experiences while there.

I am pretty much stuck at home with my broken ankle, not supposed to drive (although I have cheated a little). I can't take any walks because of my ankle and there's snow on most of the sidewalks anyway, so..... I've been mostly sitting in a chair all weekend reading, surfing the internet, watching movies and EATING. That's not good! No exercise and eating alot.

Hopefully all this snow will be gone soon, my ankle will be healed, Bo will be home and I can get back to normal.

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