Wednesday, September 09, 2009

We are in Gatlinburg, TN just outside of the Smoky Mountains


Mamaw 2 6 said...

Wonderful pictures. I can't wait to hear all about your trip.

eileen~ said...

Were you there for the Fortner conference? I hope you had a grand time. One of the pastors that spoke at the conference, Gene Harman is going to come by here to my friend's house and minister to us there. He is supposed to be here today so we are looking forward to hearing the Gospel face to face.

Was it wonderful?

Carol said...

Yes, we went to Don Fortner's conference and then on the Donnie Bell's church on Sunday morning and night at Crossville, TN. They were both wonderful.

We heard Gene Harmon speak and it was good. He is a nice man. Is he just now coming back thru from Kentucky on his way home, or did he go home and then come back to Colorado?

I hope you so enjoy hearing him preach the gospel to you guys. It is such a blessing to get to do that - hear the gospel face to face. I'm so glad you have a friend nearby to fellowship with also.

Let me know how it goes!

eileen~ said...

It was absolutely awesome. We visited with him and his wife personally for 2 days and then he preached the Gospel to us, no notes, no prep, just right out of the Scripture. Oh it was such a blessing to us.

Wish there was a fellowship of believers close, I miss it! Take care Carol!