Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Weekend

Bo & I went to South Texas this past weekend & had a great time. We went to Fredericksburg on Friday and walked up and down the street visiting all the many shops until they closed. Then we went to eat and to the hotel. Fredericksburg is a nice little town.

Saturday morning we loaded up and headed for Austin to visit Jocelyne. On the way we stopped off at LBJ National Park and saw where LBJ grew up and then saw the LBJ Ranch. That was pretty interesting. Here's a picture of his house. He called it the Texas Whitehouse.

We got to Austin around noon, picked up Jocelyne and did a little more shopping and eating, of course. Jocelyne took us to see her new apartment which she is moving into in a few weeks. It's really cute and ....so is she. Here they are:

That night we went to eat again and saw Rudy Rodriguez at the restaurant. What were you doing in Austin, Rudy? And hey, that doesn't look like Glender there with you.

On the way home Sunday, we decided to drive to Izoro and try to find the house where my Daddy grew up. I went there a few times when I was very young and visited it once when my kids were little, so I sorta knew what I was looking for. We found the old Izoro store & post office. I remember visiting it with old Paw when I was
little. It looks just like I remembered.

I knew we were close to the house, but I just wasn't sure where it was. We drove around for a while and finally happened upon this:

It was about the right distance from the road as I remembered it, and there was a man there working, so we decided to stop and ask him if this was the old Jones place. We did, and he wasn't sure, but the more I looked around I knew it was the right place, even though the house was gone. All that was there was the foundation.

The man told me there was a stone that had some initials on it if I wanted to see it. I went over to it and it said Oct 14, 1939 and the initials F.E.J. Hey, that's my grandpa's initials! Cool. The man gave me the stone and I brought it home. It broke in two as we were getting it out of the car. Boo. Anyway, here it is:

After leaving there, we stopped off in Abilene and Bo picked up his custom made cowboy hat, and guess what, .....he liked it. He is hard to please when it comes to hats, so that's good!

We got home about 9:30 Sunday night and it was good to be home. We enjoyed the trip and enjoyed getting back home.


Mamaw 2 6 said...

Sounds like you all had a great trip. To think you found the store and the house by your childhood memories is just amazing. I guess we could get daddy to confirm the initials in the concrete but just how many FEJ's could there be in the Izoro area???? Thanks for sharing the pictures.

I'm wondering what Rudy was doing in Austin also????? Very good likeness but I believe our Rudy has a sweeter face. What restaurant were you at? It's looks like one I went to in Austin for my boss's birthday.

Carol said...

We were at a restaurant called Shady Grove. I couldnt remember the name and had to look at my credit card to see what it was.

Is that the restaurant you went to?

Glenda, saved by grace said...

Great pictures. I still have a picture of the old house in my mind. Its a good thing since its gone. That does kinda look like Rudy if you add about 40 pounds and minus the beer, unless that guy is drinkin O'dooles.
Good pictures, and Jocelyne and her apt are very cute!!

Anonymous said...

Awesome trip all around. I'm sorry the rock broke. I wonder if you can fix it? What a find!