Sunday, June 22, 2008

Two Different Jesus’s

It seems that in religion today, as long as you believe in Jesus, well everything is just fine and we can all get along and worship together, no problem. I just have one question about that. Which Jesus?

There’s the Jesus who loves everybody & died for everybody (even though not everybody will be saved). The one who desperately hopes all will accept him and be saved. The one who failed to accomplish what he really wanted to accomplish.

Then there’s the Lord Jesus who loves his people and died to save them (and everyone of them WILL be saved). His death was completely effectual. In fact, his death is the only reason they will be saved. He is the victorious king!

These really are two different Jesus’s, I believe. In the first one, what makes the difference in a person’s salvation is the person themselves, their decision to accept him, their work. In the second, what makes the difference is the Lord Jesus alone.

I do not believe God will accept a salvation in which a person makes the difference. Just as he would not accept Cain's sacrifice because it involved a work of his own. --But God most definitely WILL accept a salvation in which Christ makes the difference. Just as he accepted Abel's sacrifice because it was a blood sacrifice and picture of Christ. Christ will always get all the glory in the salvation of his people. Always.

Which Jesus do you believe in?

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