Thursday, September 06, 2007

Out My Kitchen Window

One of my requirements when we were looking for our house was a window over the kitchen sink with a nice view. I must admit I am just a bit claustrophobic and I like to see wide open spaces. I saw some houses that I really liked, but there was no window over the kitchen sink, or there were some houses with a window, but looking out at the outside wall of the house next door, then there were some where you would face the den while at the kitchen sink which is what I had at the rental place we were in last year.

There's an elementery school right across the street at our house now with a big park behind it. There is alot of activity in and around the park. Kids practicing sports, people walking their dogs, running, or riding bicycles and such. I catch myself just standing at the kitchen sink watching people so often. I love my window over the kitchen sink!

This Saturday I am planning to walk in the Juvenile Diabetes 5 Mile Walk around another park here in town. My boss, and friend, Jerry Don has a 4 year old daughter, Avery who was diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes last year and we will be walking on the 'Princess Avery' team. Here's a link to her page with a little bit of her story.


Lodykajajo said...

That's a really relaxing view out your window!

Carol said...

Yes, I do enjoy it. You have a nice view out your kitchen window too.