Saturday, April 21, 2007

Well, in case you're wondering. Mason had a good time at his prom. He danced the night away, even though he has never danced before, and had to learn as he went along. LOL.

I wanted to voice my opinion about the Virginia Tech shootings. What a hard, hard thing for the families of the victims to have to go thru. I know they must be devastated.

But I believe that God is in complete control of all that happens, not just what we consider to be 'good things' that happen. For some reason, which I sure don't know, God ordained this to happen, and he knows best. I believe that everything that happens is for the bringing in of his sheep, his people, the elect, (and utimately for his glory). And when the very last sheep is brought in, Jesus Christ will return to earth.

Perhaps, somewhere, somehow this event will effect someone or several someones to hear his voice and turn to him. God will do whatever it takes to insure that everyone that Jesus Christ died for will hear his voice. --And we are such a stubborn people. Sometimes it takes drastic measures.

Be that as it may, it doesn't make such a tragedy as this easy to bear for the victim's loved ones. Loosing someone you love is devastating and life changing, to say the least. My heart goes out to them all.


Eileen~ said...

What great comfort we have Carol knowing that God truly is in control, not a hair can fall!

I wouldn't want to go out of my house if I thought that God didn't control all things, that would be really scary now wouldn't it?

Carol said...

Yes, I agree Eileen, but I know too that it can be somewhat scarey WITH God in control sometimes. Like when we must go thru very hard trials in life, ...but it is such a comfort to know he is directing it and he knows best. Sometimes we have to get to the other side of the trial to see it though. (like Job did).

Lord, give me more faith!