Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mason started his work at his new job this last weekend at the Sonic Drivein! Here he is all dressed and ready to go:

He said it wasnt hard work at all and I think he may have even liked it just a little bit. --Only a little bit though, mind you.

It's been so nice and cool here the last couple of days. I went for a 13.5 mile bicycle ride this morning. It was great. I rode over to a really nice old neighborhood (Wolflin) with lots of big trees and brick streets. I love that neighborhood. Old houses with lots of character. Of course, that's because most of them have been redone and had lots of money spent on them.

Corbin has been coming over each day while Jenny is taking a summer class. He and Mason are busy playing video games this afternoon.

That's about it for my day so far. Hope you have a good one!

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Lodykaja said...

You have got some good looking gentlemen in you life.....